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We are now hiring Cabin Service Agents, Janitorial Agents & Drivers at O' Hare airport!

Up To $3,000 Sign-On Bonus

Up to $18.75/hour

Full Time & Part time Positions Available


  • Medical & 401K
  • Dental and Vision
  • Competitive Pay
  • Flight Benefits
  • Yearly Increases
  • PTO
  • Paid Vacation & Holidays


Cabin Service Agents are responsible for cleaning the interior of an aircraft

  • Completes all cleaning activities by using approved liquids and cleaning tools.
  • Offers a thorough cleaning of the cabin area on a daily basis.
  • Handles cleaning of the lavatories and responsible for vacating trash.
  • Vacuums the aircraft floors and wipes down food trays.
  • Meet cleaning deadline timeframe for each plane's next departure
  • Recover lost items to supervisors for recovery by passengers
  • Other duties as assigned

Janitorial Agents duties/Responsibilities:

  • Collect trash and replace garbage liners, clean garbage receptacles as required
  • Dust and cleaning of all furniture, fixtures, and horizontal surfaces as required
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas, mop tile and concrete floor areas as required
  • Wash, disinfect, and restock all restroom floors, toilets, toilet seats, paper and soap dispensers as required
  • Empty trash in all washrooms, clean mirrors, walls and toilet partitions
  • Cleaning window sills and windows
  • Wear proper Personal Protective Equipment at all times
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Lavatory Drivers are responsible for:

  • Operate Lavatory service vehicle and dispose of lavatory waste from aircraft & refilling with clean degerm fluid. Dispatched via radio. 
  • Janitorial Services on the airfield, hangars and warehouses including sweeping, mopping, trash pickup & disposal. 
  • Warehouse & airfield floor scrubbing
  • Power washing
  • Snow removal

Personal Protective Equipment provided.

Apply in Person

6033 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago IL 60646

Call us for more info: 773-631-0400 or Text us: 773-236-2770





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