Admissions Coordinator - CV Westwood
Country Villa Westwood Nursing Center
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Admissions Coordinator Principal Responsibilities: TECHNICAL
• Admissions Coordinator obtains referral information from telephone and walk-in inquiries, including complete clinical and financial information necessary for admission committee approval.
• Ensures financial verification is accurate and complete before the patient is admitted to the Center thus assisting in reducing accounts receivable.
• Obtains family commitment to tour the Center on 80% of viable referrals. Conducts a professional tour utilizing Center clinical personnel as assistance in gaining family commitment to admit to the Center.
• Admissions Coordinator conducts the admission process of signing in and explaining admission policies to patients and their families. Ensures a smooth transition is achieved and that all paperwork is complete upon admission. Emphasizes financial arrangements and responsibilities.
• Chairs the daily admissions meeting with Center personnel to update on referrals, admissions and follow-up which needs to be conducted in order to obtain admission. Assists with increasing conversion rate to exceed 65% by following up on all referrals immediately. Informs the admissions committee of upcoming discharges.
• Informs Marketing Director of any referral source issues that arise during the referral process.
• Develops relationships with referral sources.
Admissions Coordinator ADMINISTRATIVE
• Supports the overall goals of the Company and the Center.
• Communicates all billing issues with accounting office and Marketing.
• Documents all necessary information in an accurate and timely manner.
• Maintains accurate daily updates on the Marketing Information System ensuring all data elements
are input so that reports can be generated on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Also responsible
for the integrity of the data which is input into the MIS.
• Attends all Center or Company required inservices and meetings.
Admissions Coordinator QUALIFICATIONS
• Two to three years experience with the admissions process at a SNF, subacute, rehab, or other health care facility.
• Excellent organizational skills with a detail orientation towards documentation and follow-up.
• Professional telephone skills with the ability to handle referral calls effectively and efficiently,
meeting the needs of the referral sources and families.
• Inside or outside sales experience preferred.
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• Ability to work with family members and conduct tours with a focus on closing.
• Computer experience using a marketing information system.
• Professional appearance.
• Enthusiastic, motivated attitude.
• Experience with Medicare and Medi-Cal guidelines preferred.
• Knowledge of managed care industry preferred.
Admissions Coordinator CONSUMER SERVICE
• Presents professional image to consumers through dress, behavior and speech.
• Adheres to Company standards for resolving consumer concerns.
• Ensures that all patient/resident rights are protected.

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