Post Event Manager
Pritchard Sports and Entertainment Group
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The Post Event Manager is responsible for all administrative responsibilities for the Post Event Shift. To assure the BBP cleanliness after each event and ensure Pritchard Sports quality standards are achieved.


Reports to work for every Event/Game.

Keeps communication consistent.

Communicates via voice call any schedule matters. Reports prior to staff to organize, plan, schedule and execute cleaning operations for the Post Event Shift and Core Shift when need it per event calendar.

Inspects building before the post-event staff clocks in, and deploys staff. Ensure all supplies; equipment and labor are available to complete assigned tasks.

Checks-in Post Event staff.  Completes Post Event deployment sheets and reports.  Assigns staff to assure proper coverage of the facility.

Prioritize the needs of the activities of the Post Event Shift and the needs of the BBP.

Communicates shift tasks to Post Supervisors.

Assigns radios and keys.  Completes sign-in/out sheets.

Conducts walk-through inspections of the facility throughout the length of the shift to assure that the work is being completed properly.  Will assist with the completion of work assignments as needed.

Unlocks all access doors to any area of the building needed by the crew to perform tasks and makes sure all doors needed to be locked at the end of the shift get locked.

Completes checklist forms to assure all areas are properly cleaned. Responds to the service requests of the client.

Handles all disciplinary issues on post-event shift with coordination and approved by/with Site Manager.

Provides training and communicates company/client policies and procedures to employees.

Reports to the Site Manager any necessary repairs and safety issues, (i.e. lights out, toilets stopped up, broken seats in the bowl, broken hand railings, loose carpets, loose door handles, etc.)

Responsible for HR concerns for the Post Event shift including; hiring, interviewing, training, employee evaluations, disciplinary actions, and payroll concerns.

Schedules all employees or assist with the ordering of (Pritchard’s and/or Temps) for the Post Event Shift per event calendar in coordination and approval from the Site Manager.

Reports all accidents, injuries, safety, and maintenance concerns immediately to the Site Manager.

Maintains equipment in good condition and ensures equipment is properly returned in clean conditions to storage areas at the end of the shift.  Assures that supplies are properly maintained.

Help to maintain the cleanliness of the building as needed such as windows, furniture, carpet ETC.

Performs cleaning and minor repairs to all equipment to keep them in good condition.

Communicates with Security about any issues that impact the stadium.

Stays on-site until relieved by Site Manager.

On dark days assists the Site Manager with daytime operations or projects. Completes all other duties and services requested and assigned by the Site Manager.

NOTE: Duties and responsibilities are not limited to this job description.

Pay rate $

Paid Vacation, Sick, Personal, Holidays

Health & Dental Benefits




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100 Montana St, San Antonio, TX 78203, USA
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